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Nov 24, 2023

It’s not often that a high-profile investment deal is announced just before a major holiday, but we got lucky this week. After discussing the news that Kim Kardashian’s private equity firm SKYY Partners has invested in upscale condiment brand TRUFF, the hosts munched on a new brand of cookies launched by popular Twitch streamer Pokimane and dove into a growing pool of caffeine-free energy drinks.

Show notes:

0:35: For Future Reference… Congrats, Nicks (& Kim). Skillet Sweet. Nog & Nitro. – On the cusp on Thanksgiving, the hosts chatted about Turkey Trots,PRs and John chugging gravy before turning to topics like Kim Kardashian’s acquisition of “a significant minority stake” in TRUFF, how a gluten-free skillet cookie became a studio favorite and whether good egg nog is bad a couple days after the expiration date. They also spoke at length about a new brand of cookies (and somehow avoided the controversy surrounding it), praised a new Straightaway SKU and hailed Jacqui’s attempts to minimize coffee consumption.

Brands in this episode: TRUFF, Tofurky, Wholly Gluten Free, MOSH, Super Coffee, Simulate, Verb Energy, Myna, Mud\WTR, Straightaway Cocktails, Clover Sonoma