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Jul 1, 2022

Taste Radio’s hosts riffed on Bang founder/CEO Jack Owoc’s unforgettable stage appearance at BevNET Live Summer 2022, M&A headlines in the business of beer and food, why it’s important to stay connected to our newsrooms and notable new products, including pickle-infused hummus and a fizzy drink inspired by the flavors of Korean cuisine. We also feature our latest edition of The Maxi Minutes for a conversation about what investors don’t want to hear in a pitch.

Show notes:

0:52: A Free Tee, John Was Glued To His Screen, Three Stars… And Vegan, Steaming At Home The episode opens with a reminder on how to get a free Taste Radio t-shirt (hint: it’s really easy), a less-than-craven take on a ‘bang’ up interview and how Jacqui convinced Ray that Michelin might have it right when it comes to a high-end restaurant. The hosts also discussed the recent acquisition of  two well-known brands, why samples are really helpful and why Ray is excited about coming back to BevNET HQ.

26:25: The Maxi Minutes, Part 4 –  Maxine Kozler Koven, the co-managing director of Los Angeles-based investment firm LDR Ventures, advised listeners on what not to say to a potential investor and also tackles the timely topic of supply chain challenges and how to address them with your funding partners.

Brands in this episode: Bang Energy, Clif Bar, Stone Brewing, Soultopia, Teaonic, Parch, Halmi, Berry Bissap, Vermont Smoke & Cure, Razorwire Energy, Ithaca Hummus, Grillo’s, Snow Days, Wholly Veggie, FOMO Baking Co., Ruani