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Jun 2, 2017

Over his three decades as an executive and consultant in the natural products industry, Bob Burke has been recognized as one of the foremost experts in the space. This episode of the BevNET Podcast features a wide-ranging conversation with Burke, whose career includes 11 years in sales and marketing at organic dairy giant Stonyfield Farm and nearly 20 years as an advisor to early-stage and entrepreneurial food and beverage companies. Along with a discussion about the evolution of the natural foods industry and its transformative impact on the grocery business, Burke shared his thoughts on the keys to success for startups and how he defines truly innovative ideas. The episode also includes a recap of the Sweets and Snacks Expo, which was held last week in Chicago, and a chat with Nico Enriquez, the co-founder of alcoholic ginger beer brand Farmer Willie’s, who joined us for the latest edition of “Elevator Talk.”