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May 4, 2021

This week, we’re joined by Chris Fanucchi and Samantha Citro Alexander, the co-founders of Bitewell, a startup platform that aims to make healthy purchasing decisions easier via curated options for grocery and restaurant delivery. 

Fanucchi is a serial entrepreneur who is also the co-founder of both plant-based protein beverage brand Koia and caffeinated sparkling water brand Limitless. He launched Bitewell in January 2020 and was joined by Alexander, a former marketing executive for Estee Lauder, in December. Merging shopping and food trends along with dietetics and a data-driven approach, the new venture is designed as a one-stop solution for consumers who want to improve their daily eating habits. 

Within our conversation, Fanucchi and Alexander discussed the origins of Bitewell, how the concept has evolved since its inception and why it’s a data company at its core. They also spoke about Bitewell’s multi-pronged business model, why its competition isn’t easily defined and how the company works with emerging food and beverage brands.

Show notes: 

0:45: What The Fokk Is The Dairy Pride Act? - The hosts chatted about Mike’s visit to the Big Island and discussed the reintroduction of a federal bill that would dramatically restrict ways that plant-based dairy brands can market their products. They also spoke about an upcoming event on Clubhouse that will explore how three entrepreneurs landed placement of their brands in their dream retailers, urged early-stage founders to apply to the upcoming New Beverage Showdown 21 and Pitch Slam 10 competitions and spoke about several new products and notable marketing campaigns, including that of Siggi’s which is promoting its new low sugar line via a “fokking” clever message.

22:07: Interview: Chris Fanucchi & Samantha Citro Alexander, Co-Founders, Bitewell -- Taste Radio editor Ray Latif sat down with Fanucchi and Citro Alexander who discussed Bitewell’s Discovery Boxes, which are packed with an assortment of diet-specific products, how the concept was born out of Fanucchi’s personal experience with food and how they’ve simplified the company’s tagline and primary communication to consumers. They also spoke about building out the company’s initial team, the importance of locking in service and supplier partnerships, getting consumers to share personal information about their eating habits and lifestyles and why they view current competitors as future potential partners.

Brands in this episode: Maui Brewing, Ola Brewing, Honolulu Beerworks, Big Island Booch, Sattva Vida, Siggi’s, Clio Snacks, Olipop, Poppi, Ugly Drinks, Essentia Water, GoodSport, Cure Hydration, Koia, Limitless, Health-Ade, Super Coffee