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Mar 17, 2020

There’s an inherent connection between the last name Musk and Tesla. And while Kimbal Musk, brother of Elon Musk, is a founding board member of the electric car company, his focus is firmly on the future of food. 

Musk is the co-founder and chairman of three companies -- The Kitchen Restaurant Group, Big Green and Square Roots -- each designed to support his overarching mission of “real food for everyone.” The ambitious goal is anchored in urban farming, food literacy projects for children and a restaurant chain focused on accessible, healthy meals and snacks. 

In an interview included in this episode, Musk spoke about the roots of his mission and how each of his ventures is contributing to the advancement of the food system.

Show notes: 

1:07: Kimbal Musk, Co-Founder & Chairman, The Kitchen Restaurant Group/Big Green/Square Roots -- In a call with Taste Radio editor/producer Ray Latif, Musk discussed how a life-changing accident shaped his perspective on food culture, why he designed his restaurant chain Next Door American Eatery to be “everyman’s joyful restaurant” and how the company incorporates trust and authenticity into its menu. He also spoke about the critical role of taste in convincing consumers to eat healthier food, educating children about “real food” through schoolyard “learning gardens,” and how “Plant A Seed Day” is at the core of his overarching mission. Later, he explained the origins and focus of his urban farm company Square Roots, why he believes in a future where all people can access produce grown within a few miles of their homes and his involvement with electric car manufacturer Tesla and private rocket company SpaceX.

Brands in this episode: Square Roots, Impossible Foods, Gotham Greens, Beyond Meat, Memphis Meats