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Aug 18, 2020

During our interview with Dadz co-founders Max Greenfield and Mike Constantiner, each bore the classic signs of dad fatigue: three-day facial scruff, baseball caps pulled over weary eyes and a slightly dazed demeanor. 

Managing the day-to-day strains of fatherhood is the reason that Greenfield, an actor known for his roles in the television series “New Girl” and “The Neighborhood,” and Constantiner, a veteran CPG entrepreneur, launched Dadz, a platform company focused on benefiting the lives of modern dads via performance supplements, personal care products and lifestyle tips.

Debuted in June, Dadz’ first product is a plant-based and natural energy supplement powder called the Lightning Stick, which promotes optimized mental clarity and focus and is sold direct-to-consumer. The company also formed a strategic partnership with Life of Dad, a popular social platform and online community for dads. 

Within our interview, Greenfield and Constantiner spoke about the origins of Dadz and their respective roles in the company, how the brand is resonating with target consumers amid the pandemic and how they are addressing skepticism about the need for a dad-focused brand.

Show notes: 

0:43: Interview: Max Greenfield and Mike Constantiner, Co-Founders, Dadz -- Greenfield and Constantiner spoke with NOSH editor Carol Ortenberg about how they commercialized the concept for Dadz, why they chose to launch a better-for-you energy drink as the brand’s first product and how they’re attempting to reach a “new generation of dads.” They also discussed the importance of a strong founding team and why it offers a “shortcut” to a fast start, why Constantiner views Greenfield as “the epitome of the modern dad,” lessons from a failed startup, the challenges of launching a DTC  brand and how they are integrating social media into the brand’s marketing plan. Later, they shared takeaways from Dadz’ first few weeks on the market, how the brand is being communicated to the trade and consumer press and the long-term goal for the company.

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