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Jun 16, 2017

KeVita co-founder and former CEO Bill Moses is keeping busy. In the seven months since PepsiCo’s acquisition of KeVita, a maker of probiotic drinks and kombucha, Moses has been actively investing in and advising a range of early-stage food and beverage companies. This edition of the Taste Radio podcast features an interview with Moses, who discussed the key elements of his investment philosophy and his work with upstart brands, including Koia and ChiaViva. Recorded at the NOSH Live Summer 2017 conference, held earlier this week in New York City, Moses also reflected the growth and development of KeVita and the trials and tribulations of being a beverage entrepreneur. This week’s episode also includes a breakdown of notable news, trends, innovation and new products discussed at NOSH Live and BevNET Live Summer 2017, which was held on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the latest edition of Elevator Talk.