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Mar 12, 2021

On March 12, 2020, a hard coffee brand called Bomani Cold Buzz announced its official debut. The timing of the launch was seemingly unfortunate: one day prior, the Covid-19 pandemic upended American society and prompted lockdowns across the country.

Yet while the months ahead were exceptionally challenging for most food and beverage startups, Bomani persevered. The brand landed distribution at over 1,000 retail stores including those of Total Wine, Stater Bros., Whole Foods and Gelson's, built a dynamic e-commerce business and secured a $3.5 million round of capital in December. 

How, in a year of turmoil, did Bomani get off to a hot start? In an interview included in this episode, we spoke with co-founders Sam Madani, Amin Anjedani and Kai Drewry who explained how preparation, planning and purpose gave the company a foundation for success, why aggressive cold-calling was critical to finding the right suppliers and service providers, their thoughtful approach to surveys and focus groups and how they convinced investors and advisors to believe in their vision.

Show notes: 

0:44: Essentia’s Exit, How To Meet A Retail Buyer, Funding Wins And Bite-Sized Innovation -- The episode’s hosts discussed Nestle’s acquisition of premium alkaline water brand Essentia, BevNET’s upcoming Speed Dating event, which will pair brand founders with retailer buyers, recently announced seed rounds for nitro coffee and functional beverage brands and notable products sent to our office over the past week, including vegetable-based cakes, grain-free pizza bites and immunity-focused drinks. 

20:07: Interview: Sam Madani, Amin Anjedani & Kai Drewry, Co-Founders, Bomani Cold Buzz --

The co-founders sat down with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif and spoke about how their background in investment banking led to the creation of Bomani, effective networking and how to choose the right partners and advice. They also discussed consumer reception to the brand in its pre-launch phase, marketing that finds a balance between party culture and mature drinking and whether rapid growth was an intentional part of their strategy.  

Brands in this episode: Bomani Cold Buzz, Essentia, Nitro Beverage Co., Cloud Water, Snow Days, NewGem Foods, Planet FWD, Veggies Made Great