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Aug 26, 2022

Emma Chamberlain is the face of Generation Z. Can the 21-year-old YouTube sensation be its Juan Valdez, too? In this episode of Taste Radio, the hosts discussed Chamberlain’s foray into the coffee business as the founder of Chamberlain Coffee, a platform brand of coffee and tea products that recently completed a $7 million funding round. 

They also spoke about the surprising news that Haus, a promising brand of low-ABV aperitifs, is shutting down and the launch of Coca-Cola Dreamworld, the latest variant in Coke’s “Creations” sub-line, which promises consumers “technicolor tastes and surrealism of the subconscious.” This episode also features the latest installment of The Maxi Minutes, in which investor Maxine Kozler Koven shares insights and expertise with early-stage founders.

Show notes:

0:48: A Golden Introduction, Brad Moseys, Mike Gets “Real” – The quartet of BevNET editorial assistant Shauna Golden, reporter Brad Avery and regular hosts Mike Schneider and Ray Latif chatted about what it means to be a “BevNETtter,” strutting vs. moseying and a social app that only Mike seems to understand. They also discussed recent articles about Chamberlain Coffee and Haus, penned by Shauna and Brad, respectively, why none of them are too excited about a “dreamy” cola and notable new products, including an addictive snack and non-alcoholic canned cocktails.

31:33: The Maxi Minutes, Part 6 – Maxine Kozler Koven, the co-founder of L.A.-based investment firm LDR Ventures, shared advice on the information that investors want to see from entrepreneurs in quarterly reports, strategies for working with outside agencies, the value of a management team with industry experience and tips on how to get current investors to join subsequent funding rounds.

Brands in this episode: Omsom, Chamberlain Coffee, Haus, Coca-Cola, Figlia, Chunk Nibbles, Nguyen Coffee Supply, Altitude Beverage Co., Willa’s