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Jul 13, 2021

This episode features an interview with Wes Henderson, the co-founder and chief innovation officer of Angel's Envy, who chronicled the history and development of the revered whiskey brand and how the company rapidly scaled while staying true to its values. This podcast also includes a conversation with the founders of two innovative brands that focuses on how each landed placement in their dream retailers. Teresa Tsou, the co-founder of better-for-you snack brand Pipsnacks, and Andrew Suzuka, the founder of organic, vegetable-infused tomato sauce brand Otamot, discussed the key steps along their respective paths into Whole Foods and Sprouts.

Show notes:

1:05: Wes Henderson, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Angel's Envy -- In an interview with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif, Henderson opened up about the inspiration behind Angel’s Envy, which he co-founded with his father and master distiller Lincoln Henderson, and how he successfully intertwined family and business. He also discussed the behind the brand’s iconic bottle, how the brand grew while maintaining its identity and positioning, the emotional aspect of selling the business to spirits giant  Bacardi in 2015, how he’s involved in the next stage of development for Angel’s Envy and how his passion for civic service and flying helped him become a better leader.

38:12: Interview: Teresa Tsou, Co-Founder, Pipsnacks & Andrew Suzuka, Founder/CEO, Otamot -- The episode continues with Tsou and Suzuka, who joined us for a discussion about how they got their brands into their dream retail chains. Initially featured on social media platform Clubhouse and recorded for this episode, Tsou and Suzuka spoke about the vision for and launch of their respective brands, how they initially secured meetings with retail buyers from their favorite chains, the keys to curating their pitches and how they're supporting the brands in-store.

Brands in this episode: Angel’s Envy, Pipsnacks, Otamot