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Aug 16, 2019

When the pursuit of success comes at the expense of your mental health, it’s time to reevaluate your priorities. That’s the perspective of Ann Yang, the co-founder of upcycled produce company Misfit Foods, who recently stepped away from a day-to-day role to focus on her well being.

In an interview included in this episode, Yang, 25, opened up about how the stress of entrepreneurship led to unhappiness and depression, and, ultimately, her decision to leave the company. She also explained how therapy has become a critical part of her life, her belief that we live in a culture that “mythologizes who the entrepreneur is,” and the resulting pressure to build “a personal brand.”

Show notes:

1:29: Burger King at BevNET? Impossible! -- The episode’s hosts discussed John Craven’s recent visit to San Diego and Jon Landis’ impending move to the city. They also spoke about a few new products shipped to BevNET HQ, including frozen crispy filled potatoes, pecan butters and clean label dressings. Later, they chatted about the national launch of Burger King’s Impossible Whopper, several of which were being delivered to the office on the day of the recording.

14:33: Interview: Ann Yang, Co-Founder, Misfit Foods -- Yang spoke with NOSH editor Carol Ortenberg about the genesis and development of Misfit Foods and explained why she decided to step away from the company. Yang also discussed why entrepreneurs have to make a conscious decision to address their health to avoid burnout and depression, why the natural food industry “has a long way to go in terms of investment in diversity,” the fear of saying “I don’t know,” and why emotional intelligence is a learned skill.

Brands in this episode: Swiss Rosti, Impossible Foods, Purely Pecans, Humble Nut Butter, Sunday Provisions, Brizo, Lily’s, Misfit Foods