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May 16, 2023

A sensational number from Post Malone. A$AP Rocky’s critically acclaimed crowd pleaser. And an unexpected hit from Kevin Hart. What may sound like a Spotify playlist is actually a trio of brands built and marketed by Global Brand Equities.

Founded in 2019 by Irish expat James Morrissey, Global Brand Equities is focused on developing innovative and creator-led beverage alcohol brands. Morrissey’s vision is to meet modern consumers where they live and drink via a contemporary approach to alcoholic beverages, one that lives at the intersection of media, entertainment and premium experiences.

Global Brand Equities has aligned with the aforementioned Malone, Rocky and Hart to launch fast-growing brands Maison No 9 French Rosé, Mercer + Prince Canadian Whisky and Gran Coramino Tequila, respectively. The company also markets Sunny Vodka, a premium spirit co-founded by social media influencers Zack Bia and Stas Karanikolaou.

In this episode, Morrissey spoke about how his prior experience in hospitality has shaped his perspective on novel consumer brands, the foundations for mutually beneficial celebrity partnerships, why it is critical to understand and operate within the traditional infrastructure for producing and distributing beverage alcohol brands and the effectiveness of its multi-pronged marketing strategy.

Show notes:

0:46: Interview: James Morrissey, Founder, Global Brand Equities – Taste Radio editor Ray Latif met with Morrissey at Global Brand Equities’ office in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan where they riffed on the entrepreneur’s familiar name and discussed how his background as a club and nightlife promoter in Ireland led him to New York City. He also explained his belief that the beverage alcohol industry had lacked an authentic connection to modern consumers and lacked the type of desirable innovation seen in other industries, why he saw the rosé wine category as ripe for a consumer-facing brand and how he first met and cultivated a relationship with Post Malone. Later, he explained how, despite a crowded space for celebrity-backed liquor brands, he saw opportunities to innovate in the categories of Canadian whiskey and premium tequila and why A$AP Rocky and Kevin Hart were the ideal partners for each, and why moving at “the speed of culture” is key to Global Brand Equities’ marketing strategy. 

Brands in this episode: Maison No 9 French Rosé, Mercer + Prince Canadian Whisky, Gran Coramino Tequila, Sunny Vodka, Casamigos, Teramana Tequila