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May 18, 2023

It may seem counterintuitive, but successful founders are often stung by self-doubt, a topic the hosts discussed in this episode, along with Neil Patrick Harris’ foray into the RTD cocktail business and an unexpected brand collaboration that’s being described as both brilliant and revolting. We also feature the latest edition of Special Ops with Andrew Guard, in which the operations expert shared insights about scaling strategies, how to generate mainstream appeal through flavor and working with non-nutritive sweeteners.

Show notes:

0:37:, Sprouts Speaks, Target And Tost, Ray Reads IG Comments – John Craven returns to the studio and after a brief chat about his visit to Vermont, the hosts spoke about Outhaus’ big news and the founder’s bout of imposter syndrome, how sparkling beverage brand TÖST landed a big-time partner, and why Ray isn’t a fan of a collaboration between a premium chocolate company and… Velveeta.

27:24: Special Ops with Andrew Guard, Vol. 3 – Andrew Guard of boutique beverage co-packer Right Coast Brands spoke about how founders operating early-stage and emerging businesses can more effectively prepare their brands for scale. He also discussed the link between great flavor and mainstream demand and considerations for working with natural and non-nutritive sweeteners, including monkfruit.

Brands in this episode: Tost, Plink, Oat Haus, Corona, Thomas Ashburne, Hoplark, Other Half Brewing, Fila Manila, Kasama Rum, Compartes, Velveeta, Jabin, KitKat, Van Leeuwen, Kraft, Midwest Juicery, Gutsy Kombucha