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Sep 17, 2021

On the cusp of Natural Products Expo East 2021, Taste Radio’s hosts discussed ways that exhibitors can highlight their presence at the show as well as an updated look for, which features a new audio option for articles. They also chatted about several new and upstart products, including a canned cascara, mushroom jerky and cheese balls, along with a couple celebrity-backed tequila brands.

Show notes:

0:34: Dentist Prattle, Dry Humor And Unwet Jerky -- A quick episode begins with Ray’s pet peeve about dentists and John’s recent visit to Hilton Head Island. Jacqui then spoke about BevNET and NOSH’s booth guide for Expo East 2021 and John spoke about the steady flow of new canned cocktails and tequila brands co-owned by Adam Levine and Kendall Jenner. Later, Mike munched on some big candy bars and Ray riffed on lemon-flavored stroopwafels and took a first taste of a plant-based jerky.

Brands in this episode: Alldae Cascara, The Good Crisp, Rip Van, Munchrooms Mushroom Jerky, Sail Away Coffee, Calirosa Tequila, 818 Tequila, Gigantic Bar, Chobani, Beyond Meat, CHKN