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Nov 17, 2023

We’ve all seen the cute, clever and occasionally terrifying images created using ChatGPT and other AI generators. But can CPG companies utilize these apps in a meaningful way? The hosts discussed potential ways that AI might help make certain processes more efficient. They also spoke about why a food brand’s recent packaging revamp is excellent in every way and riffed on a spicy and sporty LTO. 

Show notes:

0:35: Street Fighter Showdown. 18 Brands, Two Winners. Colin Brings Us Fried Food. More THC. – Ray showed up in a suit and ready for battle in John’s latest opus, Jacqui offered keen advice on how to leverage AI when working on a new label design and the hosts congratulated the participants in BevNET and NOSH’s upcoming brand competitions. They also chatted about Dr. Pepper’s new “Hot Take” variety and why spice is underutilized in beverages, munched on pickle chips and jalapeno poppers prepared by super colleague Colin (who briefly joined them on the mics) and discussed Feel Good Foods’ packaging overhaul along with a few new products.

Brands in this episode: Fair & Square, LEXINGTON BAKES, Maazah, Lentiful, Confusion Snacks, Zwita, Calexo, Nutcase Milk, Fang, Mixoloshe, adapt superwater, Joie Energy, Troov, Plant Press, MAGIC CACTUS, Sly, Erva Brew Co., Spade, Feel Good Foods, Harmless Harvest, Joia, Sipp, Hint, Eggo, Pop-Tart, Aura Bora, Tempo, Luv Yuzu Lite, Dr. Pepper, Yo Mama's Foods