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Feb 16, 2024

On the heels of its well-received Super Bowl ad, Poppi is getting a lot of attention. According to a report in Bloomberg, the mid-calorie, prebiotic soda brand is rumored to be an acquisition target, a topic the hosts discussed in the episode. They also chatted about Coke’s new Gen Z/TikTok-inspired “Tears Of Joy” soda, a trio of “loaded” cereals and meat sticks inspired by ancestral lifestyles, among other recently launched products.

This episode also includes an interview with Ross Iverson, a managing partner with private equity firm Manna Tree and Gotham Greens co-founder and CEO Viraj Puri and who discuss their relationship as mission-driven investor and entrepreneur.

Show notes:

0:35: Super Ad. John & Jacqui’s CPG Adventures. Expo West VIPs. Ray Rants. Fruitcake & Liver. – The show opens with a review of Poppi’s “Big Game” commercial and why AriZona Beverages has never produced one. John and Jacqui spoke about attending a trio of recently held industry events in San Diego before the hosts collectively discussed the benefits that Taste Radio VIPs can encounter at Expo West, a  diet soda intended to appeal to Gen Z consumers, and a new line of cereals launched by General Mills that got Ray standing on a soap box. They also munched on beef heart and liver-based meat sticks and chocolate-coated fruitcake and sipped on collagen tea.

30:44: Ross Iverson, Manna Tree & Viraj Puri, Gotham Greens – Manna Tree, a global investment firm that describes itself as “committed to improving human health through nutrition,” led Gotham Greens’ $87 million Series D round which was announced in 2020 and also participated in the indoor farming company’s $330 million Series E round, completed in 2022. In this conversation, recorded during Manna Tree’s Leadership Summit, held in January, Gotham Greens co-founder and CEO Viraj Puri joined Ross Iverson, a managing partner with Manna Tree, for a conversation in which they shared insights into a relationship in which both are aligned on mission, purpose and profit. 

Brands in this episode: Gotham Greens, Poppi, Pepsi, Olipop, BodyArmor, AriZona Beverages, Huy Fong Foods, Safety Shot, Fishwife, Souzu, Cien Chiles, Mooski, Nguyen Coffee Supply, Coca-Cola, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Trix, Onyx Coffee Lab, Sweet Nutrition, Beatrice Bakery, Country Archer, Slim Jim, Moshi, Aura Collagen Tea, GT’s