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Feb 11, 2022

The Taste Radio team discussed a range of current topics including the implications of a groundbreaking countertop appliance that, according to the manufacturer, will be able to create a near-infinite number of beverage types at the push of a button; how Expo West exhibitors can amplify their presence at the show via BevNET and NOSH; and whether a YouTube megastar can leverage his online fame to sell chocolate bars IRL. They also spoke about a major funding deal for a fast-growing drink brand, a couple acquisitions in the better-for-you tea and meat snacks categories and offered high praise for several new snacks and beverages.

Show notes:


0:37: Trek Tech, Beast Mode, Deal Time And Tempered Tastes – The hosts riffed on how Jacqui celebrated a milestone while high in the sky; why Mike is the logical, if not actual, “Trekkie” of the group; why taste will be the ultimate factor in Cana Technology’s forthcoming “beverage printer”; and why BevNET and NOSH Insiders will benefit from our pre-Expo West prep. They also spoke about how brands like Olipop are redefining soda for younger generations and offered congratulations to two sets of entrepreneurs on recent exits, all while enjoying some CBD infused beverages, better-for-you potato snacks, non-alcoholic cocktails and, of course, Honey Mama’s.

Brands in this episode: Olipop, Shaka Tea, King’s Hawaiian, 4505 Meats, Feastables, Spudsy, Cloud Water, RXBAR, Andy Capp, Preston’s Ginger Beer, Flyers Cocktail Co., Romeo Gin, Sanzo, Honey Mama’s, Athletic Greens