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Mar 11, 2022

On the ground in Anaheim for Natural Products Expo West 2022, the Taste Radio team reflected on a pulsating first day at the annual trade show, which returned live for the first time since 2019. They also commented on notable brands and products exhibited in the event’s bustling North Hall and Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace Tent, including innovative plant-based, probiotic and savory sips and snacks. 

Show notes:

0:25: We Have A TikTok House. It’s Really Bacon, Right? Yes, There’s A Drinkable Kimchi. – The team explained why their Airbnb’s back patio would be a perfect backdrop for TikTok videos, reflected on the palpable energy and excitement felt in the aisles at Expo West and talked about why the event was a useful platform for both booth and “backpack” exhibitors. They also gushed about an upstart chocolate brand and a couple early-stage and innovative beverage companies, why a plant-based bacon threw everyone for a loop, Jacqui’s review of a vegan caviar and which two functional drink brands are now leaping into the growing pool of pops. Later, they chatted about a striking new line of probiotic beverages, a mouthwatering ube spread and a preview of things to come from GT’s Living Foods.

Brands in this episode: Super Coffee, Happy Moose Juice, Doozy Pots, Sir Owlverick’s Coffee, Bon AppeSweet, Wildwonder, Waju, Avafina Organics, Planterra Foods, Joolies, Whisps, De La Calle, Vina, Teaonic, Vive Organic, Spindrift, Mother In Law’s, Sana, Savorly, Qula, Xicama, Fila Manila, Little Green Cyclo, GT’s Living Foods