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Jul 6, 2021

This is a special edition of the podcast which highlights interviews with six founders, creators and innovators who joined us on the show during the first half of 2021, including Denise Woodard, the founder and CEO of Partake Foods; Mike Fata, the founder of Manitoba Harvest; Lezlie Karls Saltarelli, Nick Saltarelli and Jake Karls, the co-founders of Mid-Day Squares; Bill Moses, the founder and CEO of Flying Embers; Ayeshah Abuelhiga, the founder and CEO of Mason Dixie Foods; and Seth Goldman, the co-founder of Honest Tea and Eat The Change and chair of the board for Beyond Meat.

Show notes:

0:45: Empanadas Win The Day. Your Cocktail Brand Could Win $10,000 On The Next One. -- The hosts chatted about the recently held NOSH Pitch Slam 10 competition and its winner, Cocina 54, a brand that aims to create a “new generation” of better-for-you Latin American foods and currently markets a line of frozen empanadas. They also discussed BevNET’s inaugural Cocktail Showdown, an early-stage brand pitch competition designed to showcase innovative, spirit-based ready-to-drink and ready-to-pour cocktails and riffed on several new products to cross their desks over the past week.

15:04: Interview: Denise Woodard, Founder/CEO, Partake Foods -- We kicked things off with Denise Woodard, the founder & CEO of Partake Foods, a brand of cookies and baking mixes that are free from eight major allergens, and are sold at Target, Whole Foods and Sprouts stores nationwide. In this clip, pulled from our episode featured on January 29, Woodard spoke about staying focused after initially being rejected by potential investors, the impact of sales data in the company’s Series A round, why entrepreneurs should ask for specific versus general advice and why she views her employees as her “boss.”

24:20: Interview: Mike Fata, Founder, Manitoba Harvest -- Our next clip is pulled from an episode featured on March 16 with Mike Fata, the founder of global hemp foods producer Manitoba Harvest. Fata spoke about why he describes himself as “a born entrepreneur but a made CEO,” why he urges listeners to “dream bigger,” how he advises entrepreneurs when it comes to navigating a competitive market for natural foods and how he utilized confidence and fear to become a better leader.

32:41: Interview: Lezlie Karls Saltarelli, Nick Saltarelli and Jake Karls, Co-Founders, Mid-Day Squares -- We continue with a clip from our episode published on June 1, which featured the co-founders of Mid-Day Squares, a surging brand of refrigerated chocolate and protein snack bars. They discussed the keys to their compelling social and content strategy and how they measure ROI for their efforts, how they define and value “tribalism” and why a commitment to clean ingredients and consistent communication with the brand’s consumers gave the brand a solid foundation on which to build.

44:06: Interview: Bill Moses, Founder/CEO, Flying Embers -- Next we featured a clip from an episode published on May 25, which featured an interview with Bill Moses, the founder of better-for-you alcohol beverage platform Flying Embers. Moses, who is also the co-founder of probiotic drink and kombucha brand KeVita, discussed his perspective on innovation in the context of online retail, why making the right hires is critical to maintaining the company’s growth pace and the importance of finding balance amid an intense drive to win.

50:20: Interview: Ayeshah Abuelhiga, Founder/CEO, Mason Dixie Foods -- The episode continues with Ayeshah Abuelhiga, who is the founder of Mason Dixie Foods, the fastest growing frozen baked goods company in America. In this clip, pulled from an episode aired on March 30, Abuelhiga spoke about how bias and inequality in corporate life prompted her foray into entrepreneurship, how Mason Dixie gained a foothold in a legacy food category and how she vetted investors for the company’s Series A round.

59:49: Interview: Seth Goldman, Co-Founder, Honest Tea & Eat The Change; Chair Of The Board, Beyond Meat -- Finally, we hear from Seth Goldman, the co-founder of Honest Tea, Chair Of The Board for Beyond Meat and most recently, the co-founder of Eat The Change, a mission-driven platform that markets chef-crafted, planet-friendly snacks. In the following clip, pulled from an episode published on April 27, Goldman discussed the importance of winning consumers’ trust, why Eat The Change led with mushrooms for its inaugural product line and why the food community has the means to address societal problems.

Brands in this episode: Uncle Matt’s, Earth & Star, Flock Chicken Chips, Beyond the Equator, COCINA 54, Honey Child Artisan Pops, Singing Pastures, Down to Cook, Daily Crunch Snacks, Grateful Snacking Co, Iya Foods, FUN Sesames, Kuali, Mariam’s Garlic Goodness, Chia Smash, Chiki Chiki Boom Boom, Agua Bonita, Electra Drinks, Barcode, Madre Mezcal, Starbucks, Partake Foods, Manitoba Harvest, Mid-Day Squares, Flying Embers, KeVita, Mason Dixie Foods, Honest Tea, Eat The Change, Beyond Meat, Flow Hydration, Hydrant, Pillsbury, Annie’s, Larabar, vitaminwater, Kind Snacks