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Sep 30, 2016

Influential blogger and organic food pundit Max Goldberg stopped by the BevNET Podcast home office this week for a discussion of the state of the organic food and beverage industry, the issues concerning the development of new products, and to preview his memoir, Finding Maxwell. Goldberg, a former Wall Street executive, told our team all about his journey from antidepressants to clean-living organic foodie and media figure, with conversational stops along the way on the offerings at Expo East, the difference between Ripple Foods and almond milk, and, most importantly, what he’d do if faced with the choice of eating Arby’s or a bag of organic palm sugar. He’s optimistic about the future of the business, which is good, because he’s deeply involved. Goldberg thinks that product development is still nascent, it should be noted. Goldberg said he’s looking forward to “when you get people who are super talented chefs and get them into the plant-based arena,” adding, “I think we’re really in the early stages here.” Regardless of what stage you think we’re in, make sure to listen to this edition of the BevNET Podcast, and rate it on iTunes.