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May 19, 2020

It’s remarkable to hear Miguel Garza, co-founder and CEO of Siete Family Foods, discuss the brand’s innovation strategy and how it fits into the company’s mission and ethos.

Since Siete’s launch in 2014, Garza has presided over a sprawling and ever-widening platform of products, including tortillas, taco seasonings, queso dips and enchilada sauces, all of which are plant-based and grain-free. Despite Siete’s alignment with two impactful food trends, Garza says that new product development is focused on creating heritage-inspired food that can appeal to a broad range of consumers. That commitment is a cornerstone of Siete’s ambitious goal to become a billion-dollar brand, an objective that, given surging sales and a $90 million dollar infusion of capital in 2019, is getting closer to fruition.

In an interview included in this episode, Garza expounded upon the principles upon which Siete was founded, including the importance of family in how the company operates and plans for the future and why love is a critical component for any business.

Show notes: 

0:37: Miguel Garza, Co-Founder & CEO, Siete Family Foods -- Garza joined Taste Radio producer and host Ray Latif for an expansive conversation exploring the Siete CEO’s penchant for startling people, how the family-run company embraces its staff, the meaning of the brand name and logo and how he and his siblings work through business disagreements. He also discussed the hallmarks of Siete’s product development and innovation strategies, why certain products don’t make it to market and how brands can effectively  collaborate with retailers on extensions. Later, he explained why revenue isn’t the defining metric for Siete to become an iconic brand, how he and Siete shareholders determined that The Stripes Group was the right long-term financial partner and shared his advice for young entrepreneurs and CEOs.

Brands in this episode: Siete Family Foods, Annie’s, Chobani, Califia Farms, Honest Tea