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Jun 23, 2017

In short, the life of Todd Carmichael can be defined by his zealous thirst for adventure and his unbridled passion for coffee. Brevity, however, doesn’t quite capture the scope of Carmichael’s incredible journey as the co-founder and CEO of super-premium coffee company La Colombe. His story is deserving of ample time, and in an interview for the Taste Radio podcast, we sat down with Carmichael for an extensive conversation on everything from his origins in the coffee business and vision for La Colombe, to his former role as the young personal attache to a Saudi prince and his record-breaking trek across Antarctica. Also included in this episode of the podcast: a segment with BevNET editor-in-chief Jeffrey Klineman examining Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods and potential ramifications of the deal; an interview with Andy Ellwood, the president of Basket, a shopping app that uses crowdsourced data to help consumers find the best prices on grocery items; and the latest edition of Elevator Talk with Venessa Dobson, founder of artisanal popcorn brand Pop Art Snacks.