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Apr 14, 2023

Does pickleball need its own beverage brand? Why is Jennifer Lopez, who doesn’t drink alcohol, getting into the booze business? Who is Blob Guy? The hosts discuss… Also in this episode: interviews with Elavi co-founders Michelle Razavi and Nikki Elliott, who explained how they launched a package revamp for less than $200, along with Goat Rodeo Capital co-founder Carlton Fowler, who shared his perspective as an active investor in emerging and growth-stage companies. 

Show notes:

0:37: JLo, What Are You Doing? A Dinky Concept. Lady Boba And Blob Guy. – Jacqui chatted about her preparation and plans for the upcoming Coachella festival before sharing new speaker announcements for BevNET Live Summer 2023. The hosts collectively wondered about the scaling potential of a brand that has a hyper-specific target consumer and why authenticity is a glaring issue with Jennifer Lopez’ new RTD cocktail brand. Later, BevNET’s director of community Melissa Traverse joined the episode and spoke about recent and upcoming episodes of Community Call, and the hosts riffed on several notable brands including a canned boba tea and a functional granola.

30:41: Interview: Michelle Razavi & Nikki Elliott, Co-Founders, Elavi – Michelle Razavi and Nikki Elliott are the co-founders of Elavi, which markets low-sugar and gut-friendly protein bars and cashew butters. Taste Radio editor Ray Latif sat down with Razavi and Elliott at Expo West 2023 where they shared a remarkable story about a recent package revamp that was executed in two weeks and at minimal cost. 

44:49: Interview: Carlton Fowler, Managing Partner, Goat Rodeo Capital – Fowler spoke with Latif as part of a new series in which he will regularly discuss investment-related topics that are relevant and top-of-mind for food and beverage founders. In this first conversation, Fowler discussed his background as an operator and the impact of that experience in his investment strategy, how investors evaluate branding at each stage of a company’s development and the emergence of creator-led brands.

Brands in this episode: Yesly, Spindrift, Super Coffee, Dink, LifeAid, BodyArmor, Delola, Biena, Siete, Lady Boba, Sanzo, Golden Grahams, Lacroix, Diet Coke, Forij, Kiddiewinks, Tally Kids, Elavi, RxBar, Poppi, Liquid Death, Lemon Perfect, Prime, Feastables, Nectar