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Dec 18, 2020

In this episode, we’re joined by Francesco Amodeo, the co-founder and president of Don Ciccio & Figli, an acclaimed distiller of handcrafted Italian herbal liqueurs and ready-to-drink cocktails based in Washington, D.C.

Founded in 2012, Don Ciccio & Figli produces beverages in the tradition of Amodeo’s family whose roots in the spirits business began in the 1800’s along Italy’s Amalfi coast. Amodeo’s embrace of his heritage has given way to the development of a highly awarded portfolio of amari, apertivi and cordials and comes amid Americans’ growing interest and demand for Italian liqueurs and bitter drinks.

As part of our conversation, Amodeo spoke about following in the footsteps of his family, incorporating a modern touch into old-world production methods, the company’s thoughtful innovation strategy and how it validates new products. He also spoke about the impact of trends on business planning and strategy and how the company has responded to the Covid-19 pandemic via an expansion of its portfolio.

Show notes: 

1:02: Congratulations Are In Order; Why “Lyte” Drinks Are Having A Moment; J.B. Loves The Sauce -- The episode opens with a conversation about the winners of BevNET and NOSH’s Best of 2020 Awards, and the reason for a certain ice cream brand’s recognition. The hosts also discussed ways to enhance your brain power and business acumen, the emergence of Pedialyte-type drinks for adults and why the crew is jazzed about ginger shots, immunity juices and plant-based dips.

19:47: Interview: Francesco Amodeo, Co-Founder & President, Don Ciccio & Figli -- BevNET founder and CEO John Craven sat down with Amodeo, who spoke about his inspiration for launching the distillery, manipulating a key ingredient to create novel products and why he describes the product portfolio as “different colors for bartenders to paint their canvas.” He also discussed how the company conducts consumer and market research prior to launching a new product, the growth potential for Italian-centric liqueurs and the process of developing Don Ciccio & Figli’s ready-to-drink portfolio, which has blossomed amid the pandemic.

 Brands in this episode: Don Ciccio & Figli, Oatly, Ben & Jerry’s, Chobani, Revitalyte, Pedialyte, Gatorade, Hoist, Liquid I.V., Hydrant, Cure Hydration, Sol-ti, GNGR, Legacy Juice Works, Uncle Matt’s, Honey Mama’s, Bonbuz, Bitchin’ Sauce, Bob’s Red Mill, Earth Balance, Assumption Abbey, 12 Tides, Ayoba, Nutella