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Dec 31, 2020

This special edition of Taste Radio Insider highlights actionable insights and advice from interviews with four founders, creators and investors who joined us on the show during the second half of 2020. Our guests include Greg Fleishman, Co-Founder/CEO, Foodstirs; Jing Gao, Founder & CEO, Fly By Jing; Carlton Fowler, Managing Partner, Goat Rodeo Capital; and Breezy Griffith, Co-Founder & CEO, SkinnyDipped.

Show notes: 

0:35: Mike Missed His Shot. Plus, Soda Strategies, Samples And Salutes. -- The episode opens with a bit of banter about a recent win streak and the return of BevNET/NOSH’s Elevator Talk series in 2021. The hosts also discussed two independent soda brands and how each is navigating an evolving market for the category and spotlighted a few notable products sampled over the past week.

16:38: Interview: Greg Fleishman, Co-Founder/CEO, Foodstirs -- We kicked off the interview portion of the show with Greg Fleishman, co-founder and CEO of clean label baking mix and snack company Foodstirs. In the following clip, pulled from Ep. 93  of Taste Radio Insider, Fleishman explained why successful entrepreneurs are most often purpose-driven, the importance of collaborating with retail buyers when formulating an innovation strategy and why tapping your network for advice and feedback is more important than ever.

25:44: Interview: Jing Gao, Founder & CEO, Fly By Jing -- Next up is Jing Gao, founder & CEO of Sichuan-inspired sauce and seasoning brand Fly By Jing. Within our interview from Ep. 103, Gao spoke to BevNET CMO Mike Schneider about the company’s success in landing widespread media coverage and how she addressed production and logistical challenges that arose from crushing demand.

33:11: Interview: Carlton Fowler, Managing Partner, Goat Rodeo Capital -- We continued with Carlton Fowler, managing partner of venture capital firm Goat Rodeo Capital. In this clip from Ep. 101, Carlton explained how he identifies new products that have a runway for success, the three tenets that shape Goat Rodeo’s funding decisions and why he is always on the hunt for category-creators.

41:25: Interview: Breezy Griffith, Co-Founder & CEO, SkinnyDipped -- Wrapping up the episode is Breezy Griffith, co-founder and CEO of fast-growing coated nut brand SkinnyDipped. In an interview featured in Ep. 96, Breezy shared a remarkable story about how Skinny Dipped made its way into the offices of two top tech companies and how she built a lasting partnership with a key buyer at Target.

Brands in this episode: Zevia, Jones Soda, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Genius, Amazi Foods, Tru, Nerd Focus, Foodstirs, Fly By Jing, Drnxmyth, Skinny Dipped