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Jun 28, 2019

On the heels of the 2019 Summer Fancy Food Show, this week’s episode explores new and innovative concepts in the food and beverage industries as viewed through the lens of the annual trade show. As part of our conversation, BevNET’s John Craven, Mike Schneider, Jon Landis and Ray Latif discussed the event’s “Incubator Village,” which showcased a number of food and beverage incubators from across the U.S., including Chobani’s unit, The Hatchery and Commonwealth Kitchen, along with several of their respective portfolio brands.

Later in the episode, we feature an interview with Smári Ásmundsson, the founder and CEO of Smári Organics, a maker of Icelandic-style skyr. Earlier this year, the company introduced Kaffi, an innovative line of cold brew coffee blended with Smari’s protein-rich yogurt that is being positioned as a better-for-you energy drink. Ásmundsson spoke about how he assessed the opportunity to launch a beverage, the most challenging aspects in managing food and drink lines simultaneously and the unconventional path its coffee products have taken to profitability.

Show notes:

1:21: Important Changes to Your Account, Incubator Villages, and More -- We kick off the episode with an important note to our audience: going forward we’ll be posting new episodes of Taste Radio Insider on the same feed as our flagship Taste Radio podcast. The Taste Radio Insider feed will be phased out next month, so if you’re not already a subscriber of Taste Radio on your listening platform of choice, whether it be Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or Spotify, make sure you get on that. 

Later in the show, the hosts discuss highlights and notable brands from an eventful 2019 Summer Fancy Food Show, as well as Jon Landis’ upcoming move to San Diego, why you’ll save money -- and get an amazing view -- by registering for BevNET Live and NOSH Live today, and a couple recent visits from the folks behind nitro coffee brand King’s Row Coffee, and jun kombucha maker Wild Tonic.

17:56: Smári Ásmundsson, Founder/CEO, Smári Organics -- Ásmundsson sat down with Taste Radio editor/producer Ray Latif for a conversation about the yogurt brand’s foray into beverages and how he’s navigated production and distribution challenges along the way. He also explained why the coffee drinks are made with non-organic ingredients, the process of selling food and beverage lines to a single retail chain, and how the influence of Nordic culture on the brand.

Brands in this episode: Smari Organics, MudLrk, Lil Bucks, Blake’s Seed Based, Seedly, Simply Soupreme, Jersey Barnfire, Straightaway Cocktails, Fire Brew, Superfrau, A Boring Life, Rind Snacks, Honey Mama’s, UBU, King’s Row Coffee, Wild Tonic, Steaz, Belgian Boys