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Apr 27, 2023

Setting the trajectory of your company can often begin with a single pitch. And with just six weeks until BevNET Live Summer 2023 in New York City, the hosts highlighted companies that have built successful and even iconic brands after participating in past editions of the event’s New Beverage Showdown competition. They also discussed new and innovative brands discovered at a local meetup event, and why you might be surprised about John Craven’s report from a recent visit to Scotland.

This episode also features an interview with David Garci-Aguirre, who is the vice president of operations and master miller for Corto Olive, a super-premium brand of extra virgin oil that emphasizes freshness from harvest to plate. Admired by chefs for its commitment to high-quality standards, Corto is part of a new generation of olive oil companies that are attempting to recast the ingredient from an overlooked kitchen staple to one revered for its utility in creating delicious and healthy meals.  

Show notes:

0:39: VIPs In NYC. Is “Scotch Lag” A Real Thing? Bitter Is Better. And, Our Minds Are Blown.  – The show kicks off with a chat about a special benefit for Taste Radio VIPs that will be attending BevNET Live in June, before discussing a recent episode of Community Call that should answer a few questions about a certain beverage competition and John’s relative shock at lack of scotch flowing faucets in the U.K. They also sampled a variety of interesting food and beverages, including bitter libations, zero-sugar sausage snacks, an RTD tea sweetened with apple sugar and plant-based scallops.

22:04: Interview: David Garci-Aguirre, VP of Operations and Master Miller, Corto Olive – Garci-Aguirre spoke with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif about his career path from an (almost) professional soccer player to an olive oil expert, why he refers to olive oil as “the one ingredient that farm to table forgot” and why he describes the designation of “extra virgin” as “like getting a D in school.” He also explained how Corto has aligned its business units to consistently produce and package fresh olive oil and how the company communicates the value of its process and standards to its customers.

Brands in this episode: Poppi, Perfy, Plink, Liquid Death, Cann, Bitter Love, Sonder, Athletic Brewing, Swing Tea, MaKa, Lost Art Cultured Foods, Mind Blown, Country Archer, Spudsy, Ithaca Hummus, Corto Olive