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Dec 9, 2022

Taste Radio’s hosts reflected on the BevNET’s Winter 2022 events through the first day of BevNET Live, and highlighted the winners of various competitions held throughout the week, community as a key theme in panels and presentations and the fuel that kept Ray, John, Jacqui and Mike going amid a whirlwind schedule. 

Show notes:

0:39: Spiked Coconuts, Bleary Eyes, Chez Jay, Ray’s Llama – The episode kicks off with Mike as Ray’s literal echo, before the hosts congratulated two brands with sun-inspired names and Jacqui noted two well-received speakers. They also shared a few extensive thoughts on BevNET’s Cocktail Showdown 3 competition, an unpleasant “upper crust” and two of Best of 2022 award winners that had their fair share of doubters. 

Brands in this episode: Sunboy, Sunnie, Resist Nutrition, Velvet Llama, Sans, Robin Road Cocktails, Howie’s Spiked, Spirited Hive, Cometeer, Remedy Organics, Biolyte, EriTea, Bonbuz, Liquid Death, Sanzo