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Apr 18, 2023

The example of a duck is often used to express abductive reasoning: “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck…” etc. If one were to use the term “niche brand” instead, the logic would typically hold true.

But there are exceptions, like The Coconut Cult.

Founded in 2017 by Noah Simon-Waddell, Jungho Oh and James Harkin, The Coconut Cult markets refrigerated, coconut-based yogurt made with vegan and organic ingredients and packaged in 8 and 16 oz. glass jars. Known for its playful labels – which feature the brand’s distinctive pink flamingo – and quirky social marketing, The Coconut Cult is distributed nationally, including chainwide at Sprouts and The Fresh Market, select Whole Foods regions and hundreds of natural and independent stores where an 8 oz. jar retails for approximately $10. 

The Coconut Cult has also built a thriving direct-to-consumer business generated in part by a social strategy where Simon-Waddell is front and center and speaking to the brand’s followers – including 107,000 on Instagram – about healthy eating and lifestyle choices. 

Amid the construction of a new manufacturing facility designed to keep up with surging DTC and retail demand, Simon-Waddell and Raz talked about how The Coconut Cult has positioned itself for scale and mainstream success while maintaining the values and vision from which the brand was born.

Show notes:

0:43: Interview: Ari Raz, CEO & Noah Simon-Waddell, Co-Founder, The Coconut Cult – Simon-Waddell and Raz met with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif at Expo West 2023 where they chatted about The Coconut Cult’s sprawling AirBnb before Simon-Waddell discussed the brand’s origins and Raz explained why explosive demand put plans for a single-serve package on hold. They also discussed how seasonal and limited-time offerings have driven new consumer interest in the brand and thousands of monthly subscribers to its online platform with no paid ads or influencers. Later, they shared details about how and why the brand is one of the fastest-growing at Sprouts across all categories, how Simon-Waddell is attempting to educate more Americans about better food choices via yogurt and why they attribute authentic and meaningful messaging as having a direct correlation to strong and organic sales growth.

Brands in this episode: The Coconut Cult, Hu Kitchen, Health-Ade