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Jun 20, 2023

Sixteen years ago, Sweetgreen set out to redefine how consumers perceive fast food by offering crave-worthy meals made with clean and traceable ingredients and sold at an affordable price.

Co-founder Nicolas Jammet has long been at the forefront of Sweetgreen’s menu strategy, and in his role as chief concept officer, he is tasked with maintaining the company’s high standards for quality and consistency in every bowl, snack and beverage sold in its restaurants.

 With nearly 160 locations across the U.S. and plans for 1,000 total by 2030, his job is becoming increasingly complex. And, yet, his goal is to continuously improve customer experience by way of new flavors, ingredients and systems that live up to the standard of Sweetgreen’s original mission and vision.

In this episode, Jammet spoke about the process by which Sweetgreen curates its offerings and designs new products, how he evaluates CPG brands before adding them to the menu, how the company utilizes technology to enhance productivity without compromising culture and shared lessons for new and emerging entrepreneurs about how to build a sustainable business.  

Show notes:

0:43: Interview: Nicolas Jammet, Co-Founder, Sweetgreen – Taste Radio editor Ray Latif met with Jammet at Sweetgreen’s Back Bay location in Boston where the entrepreneur spoke about a new collaboration with premium seafood brand Luke’s Lobster and how the patrons in the Hub compare to those in other cities. He also explained how Sweetgreen defines “healthy” and “affordable,” an average day in his role as chief concept officer, innovation surprises and missteps, the company’s partnership with plant-based meat brand Meati and his perspective on introducing new branded beverages and snacks to the menu. Later, he talked about the integration of automated technology to Sweetgreen restaurants, limited-time partnerships with well-known and respected chefs and his mentorship of early-stage entrepreneurs, including Melanie Masarin of Ghia and Becca Millstein of Fishwife.

Brands in this episode: Meati, Hu Chocolate, Olipop, Spindrift, Proud Source, Health-Ade, Rowdy Mermaid, Mother Kombucha, Ghia, Fishwife