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May 21, 2024

It’s no secret that Patrick Mahomes is one of the best players in the NFL. What is perhaps less known is his beverage of choice throughout the day: coffee. The three-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback says he drinks at least five cups a day to stay energized.

It’s only fitting that Patrick is the lead investor in Throne Sport Coffee, a better-for-you iced coffee brand developed for athletes and active consumers. Founded by former BodyArmor marketing chief Michael Fedele, Throne is made with sustainably sourced arabica coffee and contains 150mg of natural caffeine per 11 oz. can. The products, which are sweetened with cane sugar and enhanced with B vitamins, electrolytes and BCAAs, come in four varieties: Mocha Java, Salted Caramel, French Vanilla and Black.

Prior to Throne’s launch on May 16, we sat down with Patrick and Michael who discussed the origins of the brand and their relationship, why the brand’s target audience includes both health-minded athletes and blue-collar workers, the reason they don’t describe the products as energy drinks, the company’s initial focus on convenience stores and how Patrick is highlighting his consumption habits to build an authentic relationship with consumers.

Show notes:

0:35: Michael Fedele, Founder/CEO & Patrick Mahomes, Lead Investor, Throne Sport Coffee — Taste Radio editor and Buffalo Bills fan Ray Latif clears the air with Patrick before Michael explains his interest in entrepreneurship and the opportunity he saw in the RTD coffee category. Patrick discusses his daily coffee routine and his perspective that Throne is a healthier option for himself and consumers. Michael talks about how he met Patrick and how a genuine connection helped formalize a business relationship. Ray samples Throne’s French Vanilla variety and recalls a conversation with Kobe Bryant before asking Patrick about which aspects of the company’s business plan and strategy are most attractive to him. Michael explains why Throne’s products only include a small amount of cane sugar and highlights the $7 billion market for RTD coffee and Gen Z consumers’ interest in the category. Patrick explains why his regular consumption of Throne is the basis for his promotion of the brand, and Michael discusses the company’s initial focus on retailers in middle America.

Brands in this episodeThrone Sport Coffee, BodyArmor, Vitaminwater