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Dec 17, 2021

Back at the BevNET HQ and WCB (West Coast Branch) offices, Taste Radio’s hosts reflected on the nine-day, three-event, four-competition extravaganza that was Brewbound Live, NOSH Live and BevNET Live. As part of their conversation, the hosts discussed the value of in-person networking, connecting with entrepreneurs for the first time after two years of virtual meetings and why some attendees were surprised by Ray’s height. Later, the hosts chatted about the decision of a well-known entrepreneur to step down as CEO of his company and riffed on new products that came to market over the past month.

Show notes:

0:38: Home Again, Ray ≠ Roy, The Most Beloved Person In Food & Bev – While happy to be home, Ray was confused as to why event attendees believe he looks like a certain character from the TV show “Ted Lasso.” The hosts praised and thanked Stephanie Haughey, a Whole Foods veteran who is known in the food and beverage community for championing and mentoring early-stage brands. They also celebrated the founders of ginger beverage brand Ginsation, True Scoops, a maker of DIY ice cream and Essential Candy, which markets hard candy infused with essential oils and spoke about why the industry applauded Ugly Drinks co-founder Hugh Thomas’ decision to exit the company to focus on self-care.

Brands in this episode: Natural Delights, True Scoops, Ginsation, Essential Candy, Nemi, Nana Joes, Waju, Funkytown Brewery, Kokada, Golden Rule, Hiyo, Super Coffee, Athletic Brewing Co., Poppi, Dokkebier, Ugly Drinks, Organifi