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Mar 25, 2022

Our latest episode features interviews with two innovators in their respective industries: Stephen Caldwell, the co-founder of Swiss Rosti, a unique brand of stuffed potato and cheese bites; and Brent Elliott, the master distiller of acclaimed bourbon brand Four Roses. The Taste Radio team also discussed notable brands from the 2022 Seafood Expo, weekly Web3 primers on Twitter Spaces and a sophisticated smoker.

Show notes:

0:55: Expo, Expo, Expo! Craven Chats, Toodaloo & Clio. And, Of Course, Clouds For Cocktails. The hosts encouraged listeners to check out BevNET & NOSH’s Expo West 2022 content and asked attendees and exhibitors of the upcoming 2022 Specialty Coffee Expo to connect with the team before the event. Ray discussed his experience attending the 2022 Seafood Expo North America and highlighted two sustainable brands that exhibited at the show and John spoke about his weekly Web3/NFT forums on Twitter Spaces. Later, the hosts riffed on tasty snacks and beverages to cross their respective desks in recent weeks and offered their take on the stylish Studenglass Gravity Beverage Infuser.

23:22: Interview: Stephen Caldwell, Co-Founder, Swiss Rosti – Caldwell sat down with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif at Natural Products Expo West 2022 where he spoke about the origins and development of his first-to-market brand of hand-held crispy filled potato snacks, which are sold nationally at Whole Foods and are also available at Kroger, Gelson’s and Safeway locations. He also discussed how the company’s initial business plan, which was heavily reliant on in-store demos, shifted amid the pandemic, and how an unexpected lift from direct-to-consumer television platform QVC drove trial and sales and why he’s bullish on foodservice and a new cheese-based line.

45:05: Interview: Brent Elliott, Master Distiller, Four Roses – Elliott spoke with Latif about Four Roses’ renaissance which began in the mid-1990’s, the usefulness of training as a chemist, aligning innovation with the brand’s standards for quality and consistency and his take on RTD cocktails and non-alcoholic spirits.

Brands in this episode: Swiss Rosti, Four Roses, Dream Pops, Scout Canning, Neptune Snacks, Toodaloo Snacks, Shaman Raman, Up To You Recover Drinks, Wet Hydration, Maxine’s Heavenly, Clio Snacks, Brune Kitchen