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May 20, 2022

Taste Radio’s hosts reflected on upcoming cultural events and the excitement surrounding NOSH Live and BevNET Live Summer 2022 in New York City. They also riffed on several new and innovative products, including crunchy mushroom chips, gut-health drinks made with upcycled whey, a soda-inspired line of kids’ beverages and cigarette-styled snacks made for “invisible friends.”

Show notes:

0:40: Tom Cruise + An Aperitivo = Perfect. Plus, Squares, Severed Heads and Stars. – John is irritated, so Jacqui suggested an eject button, while Ray is pumped about a certain sequel and bitter cocktails. After debating the value of novelty holidays, the hosts also discussed entrepreneurs and executives from high-profile brands, including Mid-Day Squares and Liquid Death, that will be on stage at NOSH Live and BevNET Live in NYC, why it’s fine to pair these ‘delics with kids’ drinks, what a super-premium coffee and tea brand has to do a ‘90’s hip-hop group and the value of striking packaging and craftsmanship.

Brands in this episode: ITALICUS Rosolio di Bergamotto, Select Aperitivo, Amaro Montenegro, Campari, Mid-Day Squares, Partake Foods, Sweet Loren’s, Saffron Road, Everything Legendary, Ithaca Hummus, Magic Spoon, Liquid Death, Orgain, Ocean Spray, Harmless Harvest, Uncle Matt’s, Culture Pop, Poppi, Popadelics, Starryside, Mr. Raspy, Chatty Matcha, Onyx Coffee Lab, Pricklee, Super Frau, Aura Bora, Stella Falone