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Aug 30, 2022

Practically as soon as it got off the ground, Dream Pops was already under pressure. Founder and CEO David Greenfeld admits that launching the platform brand of plant-based, indulgent desserts and candy via a direct-to-consumer model – a strategy that almost bankrupted the company – was a mistake. However, lessons learned – and shared – have given Dream Pops a foundation to disrupt multi-billion dollar categories.

Launched in 2018, the company aims to challenge legacy confectionary brands by giving consumers better-for-you options across four product lines, including its flagship coconut milk-based popsicles and shelf-stable chocolate-coated snacks sweetened with coconut sugar. The brand is sold in over 6,500 stores, including nationally at Whole Foods as well as locations of Wegmans, H.E.B. and Harris Teeter, among others.

Dream Pops’ innovation and retail strategy is bolstered by its active social media presence, which Greenfeld says “completely changed the trajectory of the company.” Greenfeld has over 44,000 followers on LinkedIn and points to constant engagement on the platform as driving significant interest in Dream Pops among industry professionals. Meanwhile, the brand’s early embrace of TikTok has helped it attract over 181,000 fans and millions of views of its short videos.

Within this episode, Greenfeld spoke about the origins of Dream Pops, how he navigated a myriad of challenges in the frozen aisle, the duality of better-for-you and indulgent food and how he used the popsicles as a proof of concept and springboard into shelf-stable products. He also explained why every CPG company needs to also be a “content company,” the importance of investing in merchandising and why consistency is the most important aspect of Dream Pops’ social media strategy.  

Show notes:

0:42: Interview: David Greenfeld, Founder/CEO, Dream Pops – Greenfeld sat down with Taste Radio   editor Ray Latif and chatted about his experience as a finalist in NOSH Pitch Slam 3, his method and process for gaining followers and influence on Linkedin, and what motivates him to invest in early-stage companies. He also discussed the meaning and importance of the brand name, why he was bullish on the frozen aisle, how the term “plant-based” has evolved in recent years and its impact on the development of Dream Pops. Later, he spoke about the company’s roadmap for innovation and new product development, applying learnings from merchandising in the frozen set to ambient shelves and whether it’s too late for brands to now start incorporating TikTok into their social media strategies.

Brands in this episode: Dream Pops, Chubby Snacks, Mezcla, KIND Snacks, Butterfinger, Hershey’s, Ferrara, Snickers, Nestle Dibs