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Oct 14, 2022

This episode features an interview with Marshall Rabil, the co-owner of specialty peanut brand Hubs, who spoke about the brand’s efforts to reach younger consumers and the duality of his roles as a steward and modernizer of his family’s business. Also, the hosts discussed the news that Bang Energy has filed for bankruptcy and why innovative entrepreneurs are often hamstrung by their own achievements.

Show notes:

0:49: The Best Of October Deadlines. Jack’s Been Here Before. Expo East And Todd’s Dilemma. – Ray was a bit hoarse, but reminded Mike of Man U’s prowess and the hosts collectively reminded listeners of upcoming deadlines to submit applications for BevNET and NOSH’s Best of 2022 awards along with those for the latest editions of the New Beverage Showdown and NOSH Pitch Slam. They also chatted about how NOSH Live Winter 2022 will offer entrepreneurs a direct connection with investors and other industry leaders and John explained why beverage professionals should be wary of underestimating Jack Owoc and celebrating recent challenges affecting Bang Energy. Later, they offered praise for “shimmering water” brand Loftiwater, while noting the uphill battle it faces and highlighted a few notable new products, including better-for-you candy, buckwheat snacks and breakfast biscuits.

33:00: Interview: Marshall Rabil, Co-Owner, Hubs – Rabil met with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif at BevNET headquarters in Newton, where they riffed on the seafood scene in Massachusetts and Virginia before discussing the origins of the peanut industry in the U.S. and how Hubs has become the standard bearer for specialty peanuts. Rabil also spoke about the company’s evolving retail strategy, how new products, brand partnerships and creative marketing initiatives are attracting new consumers, how pricing reflects quality and the elements of Hubs’ effective trial strategy.

Brands in this episode: Hubs, Pop & Bottle, Bang Energy, La Colombe, Loftiwater, Wholly Veggie, Smart Sweets, Tid Bits, Oomph, Liquid Death, Brazi Bites, Nitro Beverage Co., Lil Bucks, NuttZo, Nguyen Coffee Supply, Jackson’s Chips, Paqui, Kanira, Olyra