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Dec 31, 2021

In Taste Radio’s final episode of 2021, the hosts spoke about why entrepreneurs launching new and innovative concepts need to consider the addressable market for their brands and products in 2022. They also discussed the news that a high-profile kombucha company has leapt into the growing pool of probiotic sodas, a fast-growing snack brand’s recent raise and a number of notable products that crossed their desks over the past week.

Show notes:

0:37: Seltzers, Snacks And Scoops – The episode hosts, which included BevNET/NOSH reporter Adrianne DeLuca and BevNET managing editor Martín Caballero alongside Taste Radio regulars Ray Latif and Jacqui Brugliera, chatted about their respective college experiences, go-to-market strategies for innovative brands and whether probiotic sodas can win over consumers who shun kombucha. They also riffed on better-for-you chips, palate-pleasing juice shots and celebrity-aligned ice cream brands.

Brands in this episode: Poppi, Culture Pop, Health-Ade, Olipop, Humm, The Good Crisp, Pringles, So Good So You, Vive Organic, Aura Bora, Taika, Ben & Jerry’s, Babybel, Munchrooms, Tom & Luke, JD’s Vegan