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Jul 23, 2024

When Miguel Leal and his co-founders launched the modern Mexican food brand Somos Foods in 2021, they believed they were introducing a “Goya for millennials.” It turns out that Somos was more suited to be a “Rao’s for all consumers.”

Miguel is the CEO of Somos Foods, which he founded with Kind Snacks founder...

Jul 19, 2024

Sweet. Savory. Celeb. The hosts check all the boxes in an episode that looks at how consumers evaluate authenticity between brands and celebrity endorsers.

We also feature an interview with Stephanie Reda, the director of brand development for fast growing snack and seltzer brand Hal's New York. Stephanie outlines the...

Jul 16, 2024

How does a 156-year-old business continually evolve to meet the needs and palates of modern consumers? It’s a question that Amy Guittard, the CMO and fifth-generation owner of Guittard Chocolate, often thinks about.

Based in the Bay Area, Guittard is a family-owned and operated chocolate company founded in 1868....

Jul 12, 2024

It’s a “buy or sell” episode as the hosts opine about the future of online grocery shopping, fish sticks, and whether kombucha can recapture some of its magic (and sales). They also discuss Athletic Brewing Co.’s recent $50 million financing round and highlight a few fizzy and spicy new products.

Show notes:

Jul 9, 2024

During our conversation with Simon Ford, the co-founder of revered spirit brand Fords Gin, he recited an adage that could be inscribed on the walls of any successful company: “People don’t do business with brands, they do business with people.”

He’s lived by the maxim throughout a 20-plus year career that...