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Dec 23, 2022

With a new year on the horizon, the hosts shared their expectations for the food and beverage industry in 2023, including the most pertinent opportunities and challenges faced by growing brands. They also opined on the value of Twitter for entrepreneurs and executives and highlighted notable and new products. This episode also features the second edition of Special Ops with Andrew Guard, in which the operations expert offers guidance on timely issues affecting food and beverage companies.

Show notes:

0:51: Messi, Marty, Musk and More. – The episode opens with a chat about the 2022 World Cup final and congratulations to current and former colleagues, before the hosts discussed Twitter’s current turmoil and debated the social platform’s usefulness for CPG founders and operators. Later, they offered their predictions for 2023 and how entrepreneurs can stay ahead of potential problems and spoke about a range of innovative brands and products.

19:52: Special Ops with Andrew Guard, Part. 2 –  Guard, the founder of nanoscale beverage co-manufacturer Right Coast Brands explained what founders should know about working with functional ingredients and considerations for introducing a new package type.

Brands in this episode: Lentiful, Vudu, Yate, Mix’d Roots, Phresly, Fishwife, Fly By Jing, Van Leeuwen