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Dec 19, 2023

Deux’s first three years in business reads like a case study on how to build an emerging brand: cultivate a community of loyal and engaged consumers who advocate for and frequently buy your products, and leverage DTC success to land distribution at national retailers.

Leading with the tagline “the snacks you love with the ingredients you deserve,” Deux (pronounced DOUGH) markets refrigerated cookie dough, dessert spreads and donut holes, all of which are enhanced with functional nutrients and vitamins and contain no preservatives nor artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

Founder Sabeena Ladha launched Deux in November 2020 with the aim of giving consumers “good for you” options in traditionally unhealthy food categories. Deux’s positioning, striking package design and appeal among social media influencers helped the brand establish awareness and elicit trial among its target consumer base, that of millennial and Gen Z females. In 2021, the brand landed a spot on reality TV show “Shark Tank” and although Ladha didn’t come away with a deal, Deux’s appearance on national television bolstered its following and online sales.

Deux has since picked up retail placement at over 1,200 stores, including Whole Foods, Sprouts, The Fresh Market and Target. While a majority of the brand’s revenue comes from DTC business, Sabeena expects brick-and-mortar retail to become the primary driver of Deux sales in 2024.

In this episode, Ladha spoke about how her prior work experience helped give the a better-for-you sweets brand a head start, why Deux promotes indulgence first and foremost, how the collaborative nature of its social media and influencer strategy has benefited trial, awareness and innovation, and how she navigates the challenge of managing three product lines. 

Show notes:

0:42: Interview: Sabeena Ladha, Founder & CEO, Deux – Ladha spoke with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif about Deux’s recent collaboration with Jumbo Time Wines, why she feels like she has “an unfair advantage over other entrepreneurs,” takeaways from her time working at Frito-Lay and how she identified white space for a better-for-you functional and refrigerated cookie dough. She also explained why being hyper focused on Deux’s target consumers helps clarify business strategy, and shared specific details about its highly effective influencer strategy, including budgeting and contracts. Ladha also discussed her role in social media and consistent presence in posts and the complexity in giving each of Deux’s product lines the time and resources they need to thrive.

Brands in this episode: Deux, Jumbo Time Wines