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Jul 3, 2020

In this week’s episode, we sat down with Emily Kanter, co-owner and CEO of Boston-area natural products retailer Cambridge Naturals. A family-owned business that operates two stores focused on nutritional supplements, body care products and organic foods and beverages, Cambridge Naturals has cultivated a loyal customer base within the Boston area and has been recognized for its unique and constantly rotating product selection. 

As part of our conversation, Kanter spoke about the history and evolution of the retailer and the factors that determine its selection. She also discussed how she develops relationships with brand owners and evaluates emerging trends and why Cambridge Naturals was one of the first area stores to carry CBD-infused products.

Show notes: 

0:38: Naturally, We Talked About Erewhon, Elevator Talk, Carlton and Odwalla -- The hosts chatted about their experiences shopping at Cambridge Naturals, encouraged entrepreneurs to continue sending news to BevNET and NOSH throughout the summer and also to apply for our Elevator Talk Livestream series. Later, they chatted about a star-making turn for actor Alfonso Ribeiro, Mike’s strange database of 80’s trivia and reflected on the recent decision by the Coca-Cola Co. to discontinue Odwalla.

11:48: Interview: Emily Kanter, Co-Owner/CEO, Cambridge Naturals -- Taste Radio editor Ray Latif spoke with Kanter about the recent reopening of Cambridge Naturals’ locations for in-store shopping, her decision to take the reins of her family’s business six years ago, why the retailer stopped selling groceries in the 1990’s and why it resumed a few years later. She also explained what she looks for in a brand’s backstory and what would make her less inclined to stock a new product, why Cambridge Naturals is consistently rotating its selection and why the company tries to be on “the cutting edge, but not bleeding edge” of emerging trends. Later, she expressed optimism that the FDA would provide concrete guidance about CBD-infused foods and beverages and how entrepreneurs interested in partnering with  the retailer can connect with her team.

Brands in this episode: Odwalla, Pepsi, Califia Farms, Naked Juice, Patagonia, The Coconut Cult, GT’s Kombucha, Waku